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Earth table

 Introducing the 'earth table' from the ToKo table series. The table tops have an uneven surface that represents the natural undulations of the earth. Through this design, we explore the physical and chemical causes of the earth's surface morphology, which resembles the trace of time. Additionally, we have considered new ways of handling materials to bring this unique piece to life.

 ToKoのテーブルシリーズ「earth table」。凹凸を持つテーブルの天板は、大地の起伏を表現している。時間の跡のような地表形態が生まれる原因を、物理的かつ化学的に探究しながら素材の新たな扱い方について考えている。


Design concept

Our table top is easily removable and can be appreciated as a piece of wall-hung artwork. We strive to showcase the relationship between art and design through the use of lacquer.


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